Nitator-SLT founded in 2004, the Lithuania-Sweden based company built its reputation through an unparalleled dedication to the interests of our clients.

By any cross-functional logistics works, Nitator-SLT is the definite choice for any customer. We are a full-service supplier of sheet metal components to customer that have varying needs all over Europe. We do understand that satisfying our customers by delivering them top notch quality products is our core goal. Our wide range of customers has very high demands of quality, environment awareness, delivery precision and flexibility needs. We therefore have to adjust our services and products from now and then in order to meet their needs to the very end.

We offer a complete process from product development to a customized logistic chain that enables us to distribute our products to customers in time.

Our core processes are pressing, welding, and advanced/complex assembly. With our modern technology and a highly advanced engineering industry, we are able to produce the best metal sheet components for supply to all the corners of Europe. Our goal is to be the leading supplier of the Automotive Industry in Europe by developing great products.

We believe in the quality of the product we manufacture and trust it to serve all our customers beyond their expectations. All our products are pre-engineered and meet all the code requirements in both commercial and non-commercial use. Our production aims at offering a wide range of sheet metal components but which mainly focus on the automotive industry.

We distinctively manufacture a wide range of sheet metal components which prove to be ideal in the automobile industry. Some of our distinctive products available under the category of sheet metal components include; hooks, mounting bolts, and levers among more. Nitator-SLT specializes in delivering premium quality products according to the customized needs of the automotive industry at highly affordable prices.

In such a business as ours, the logistics chain matters a lot and can greatly determine whether the business grows, stays stagnant, or gets faced out. As a company, we have given great weight to our logistic chain by ensuring that it is diverse and flexible to meet our client’s demands. We currently have operations in Lithuania with a well developed logistic flow and transports, which are a great addition to our units in Sweden. This enables us to reach our customers better and deliver the products to them more effectively than before.

And to assure the quality and process flow of our logistic operations, we work in cross-functionality. Project management, production, quality and logistics functions from our Swedish units are always present. This ensures that all those key functions flow accordingly.

Reputable Dealers

The use of tools and components is essentially required in almost all industries today; especially the automotive and electronics industries. We at Nitator-SLT understand this significance and therefore strive to render superior product quality that is unrivaled by any other in the industry. Our quality of sheet components is what has built our brand name among customers and continues to draw in more customers.

We are always proud to introduce ourselves as a reputable and pioneer firm in metal sheet components and tools. We are able to deliver this quality at highly economical prices for the automobile industry as per your specified requirements.

At Nitator-SLT we take the quality of customer service very seriously. It does not beat sense that once we have entered into an agreement to supply our products to a customer, it takes months before the client receives his or her cargo. Through our logistic department, we have worked to ensure that any deliveries to be made are made in precision. That is in time, and in good condition.

Nitator-SLT cares about its contribution towards the environment. We understand all the global efforts that have been put in place to take care of the environment and we are in league with them. We watch on our disposal methods as well as the environmental friendliness of our products.

This industry is all about how much one can be able to bend their capabilities to meet a customer demands. Different customers have varying needs and this prompts us to diversify our production to meet all their unique needs. With our services, we have been able to develop a customized logistics chain to serve all our different customers in their varying capacities.

Whatever type of metal sheet component you desire to have produced, come to us and let us worry about how to develop it. Our capable team of highly trained and professional engineers will find a way to meet and exceed your expectations.

Together with our associate companies in the Nitator-SLT Automotive Group, we have been able to develop and provide unique freight optimization services. We currently receive supplies from their established activities several times a week; giving us the opportunity to optimize freight costs – whatever the volume!

The automotive industry’s strict demands on quality, environmental awareness, delivery precision, and flexibility gives us a head start and attractive price levels compared to other players in the market. Each contract is analyzed and quality, technology and logistics are crucial factors that are optimized together to create a quality assured flow – from order to delivery – throughout the entire chain.

Our Nitator’s Quality System

Nitator’s quality system has third party certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO14000. At Nitator-SLT, we develop and maintain quality in all our activities so that we can get enthusiastic customers who insist on our products and service. Quality in all our undertakings is the basis for our contacts with all customers. We develop commitment so that our workers can, and want to take the initiative in contributing towards the development of zero defect.

The quality of metal sheet components produced today has to meet all core standards of quality and if possible surpass them. We, at Nitator-SLT are always working day in day out to ensure that quality is what we deliver first before anything else. All our products are manufactured from reliable materials, by highly qualified professional engineers, and through very modern technology machines for assured top notch quality.